April/May 2021 Tidbit

The results of our March Pop Culture Poll are in! Here is what our readers said:

  1. Favorite Jeopardy host –

Ken Jennings 48%

Katie Couric 27%

Dr. Oz 15%

Mike Richards 9%

Helen says: I have unequivocally changed my vote from a month ago. Aaron Rodgers did a phenomenal job! Celebrity Crush 🥰

Holly says: I am a Ken Jennings fan, but I agree with Helen. My vote now would be for Aaron Rodgers – I am a super fan!

2. Bridgerton-

Love it 30%

Loathe it 30%

Never heard of it 39%

Helen says: I still have yet to watch it. There was a lot of hype about it a few months ago, but it seems to be forgotten now.

Holly says: Meh…watched it, didn’t love it, or like it, actually, but I can see how others might. Lady Whistledown was my favorite character.

3. Royals- Who do you side with?

Team Meghan 12%

Teem Queen 88%

Helen says: Our readers are serious loyalists….a bunch of Benedict Arnolds. Just kidding. I am Team Queen, too.

Holly says: Long live the Queen! RIP Prince Philip.

4. Vaccine-

Johnson & Johnson 9%

Moderna 21%

Pfizer 45%

Haven’t been vaccinated. 24%

Helen says: I had the J & J. So far, I am blood clot free.

Holly says: I had Pfizer. So over the COVID – go away!

5. Best Picture Oscar-

Nomadland. 21%

Minari 6%

Promising Young Woman 21%

Trial of Chicago 7 15%

Mank 12%

Judas and the Black Messiah 6%

The Father 18%

Helen says: This was a dismal year for the Oscars. Mank was my personal fave. I had to read up on Citizen Kane prior to watching though. I enjoyed Promising Young Woman and powered through Nomadland, but it was pretty boring.

Holly says: I didn’t see a single one of these movies – and that is very unusual for me because I usually make it a point to watch all of the best picture nominees; however, I am a Frances McDormand fan, so happy for her win! I will probably watch Nomadland and Promising Young Woman.

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