Who is Maud Dixon?

by: Alexandra Andrews

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Goodreads description:

Florence Darrow is a small-town striver who believes that she’s destined to become a celebrated writer. When she stumbles into the opportunity to become the assistant to “Maud Dixon,” a celebrated-but anonymous-novelist (think: Elena Ferrante), she believes that the universe is finally providing her big chance. The arrangement feels idyllic; Helen can be prickly, but she is full of pointed wisdom on both writing and living. She even invites Florence along on a research trip to Morocco, where her new novel is set. Florence has never been out of the country before; maybe, she imagines, she’ll finally have something exciting to write about herself.

But when Florence wakes up in the hospital after a terrible car crash, and Helen is dead, she begins to imagine what it might be like to ‘upgrade’ into not only Helen’s life, but also that of Helen’s bestselling pseudonym, Maud Dixon…

Helen says: 🤓🤓🤓🤓 1/2

What a clever book! Maud Dixon is getting a lot of buzz and for good reason. I would compare it Patricia Highsmith’s The Talented Mr. Ripley, except with female main characters. Do yourself a favor and READ IT. It was a great character study and a terrific mystery/ thriller. I thought I had it figured out a number of times while reading it, and boy was I wrong! This was definitely my favorite book of 2021 so far.

Holly says:🤓🤓🤓🤓

I really enjoyed this book also! A great premise for a story, and a very fun read with lots of twists and manipulative, plotting characters. I definitely recommend it!

Click here to purchase this book.

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