May 2023 Tidbit

We had a hard time coming up with an original tidbit this month. Over this rainy Memorial Day weekend, we had to use our imagination on things to do in the Port City that may be a little off the radar. Here are a few of our favorite things to do and see and hear […]

April/May 2023 Tidbit

Helen says: Hmmm…I would have to say American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis. That was probably the most disturbing book I have ever read. The movie did not do it justice! I would run for the hills and change my number on that one… Holly says: This one is a toss-up between Mexican Gothic and […]

March 2023 Tidbit

Our tidbit this month is a mash-up of our two favorite things – food and reading! We found the perfect website for the next time you are hosting book club. Click on the link below to find a menu to serve while discussing your favorite reads. We thought about menus for the weirdo books we […]

Tidbit- January 2023

New Year’s resolutions? We both agree that “I want to lose 10 lbs” is trite. Let’s do something positive that adds to our lives instead of creating undue stress and pressure. Helen says: Lifelong learner here! I want to reacquaint myself with Greek Mythology (Hence The Song of Achilles for next month) and I am […]

October 2022 Tidbit

We often say, “this would make a great movie” when reviewing books. What is the best book to fill adaptation in your opinion? What films were you most disappointed by? This was hard to list off the top of our heads so we asked friends that are up on “pop culture” to weigh in. This […]

September 2022 Tidbit

In last month’s Tidbit, we asked our readers to submit their favorite literary joke. We have ranked our top 3 in order of our preference. Thanks for participating and being loyal readers! And the winner is…Madison Carlos! We will drop your prize off this week… #1: Joke submission! As an English major…I gotta go with […]

June 2022 Tidbit

In addition to being Pulitzer prize winning journalists, Helen and Holly are also Master Gardeners- not! Our brown thumbs are getting some work this season. What do we like to grow you may ask? Helen says: I like to grow Zinnias every summer. I have a grave like flower bed by my front door. I […]