June 2022 Tidbit

In addition to being Pulitzer prize winning journalists, Helen and Holly are also Master Gardeners- not! Our brown thumbs are getting some work this season. What do we like to grow you may ask?

Helen says:

Colorful zinnias

I like to grow Zinnias every summer. I have a grave like flower bed by my front door. I have tried a million seasonable vegetables over the years that get attacked by raccoons. Zinnias have been the easiest and prettiest to maintain.

Holly says:

In my imagination, I have a wonderful green thumb – in reality it is mainly brown. I plant a ton, sometimes forget to water, cross my fingers, and hope for the best. Every year I say I will do better – next year for sure! I am into perennials and love a pretty coneflower! And this year my four-year-old key lime tree is finally producing beautiful key limes – yay!!

Disclaimer: Not my yard

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