August 2021 Tidbit

Happy 1 year anniversary to us! Our favorite part of this blog has been hearing from our friends and followers. We love hearing your comments and opinions. Keep them coming! Paper is the traditional gift of the first anniversary. Since we spend a lot of time talking about books, we thought we would take this opportunity to share our favorite magazines!

Helen says:

I have two favorite magazines – The New Yorker and Better Homes and Gardens. The duo sounds a little counterintuitive- I know! One is a literary Mecca and the other is basically recipes for housewives. I try very hard to read the articles in The New Yorker when I receive it in the mail, but I am mostly in it for the cartoons and beautiful covers. I feel like Better Homes and Gardens had a reboot a few years ago. It is my “go to” in the grocery store. 😀

Holly says:

I also have two favorite magazines – Garden & Gun and HGTV Magazine. Garden & Gun is a little pretentious, but I love the articles – always interesting and a great variety, and I especially love the dog stories each month! I think HGTV Magazine has the best home decorating tips, and my favorite part is that they provide plenty of information on product/idea descriptions, where to buy, how to purchase, etc. I love to tear out pages from this mag for my “wish” folders.

HGTV Magazine

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