May 2021 Tidbit

Summer is the time for porch eating and drinking. Helen always gains weight in the summer due to delicious mayonnaise laden foods and abundant heavy appetizers. Tis the season for eating and drinking…especially where we live at the beach. Here are our favorite easy summertime go-tos!

Helen says:

Queen Charlotte's Pimento Her Royal Hotness Jalapeno, 10 oz

I would like to thank my sister in law, Meredith Wells, for turning me on to this delicious gem! It blows Palmetto brand out of the water. Don’t walk, but run to Harris Teeter to purchase some. I especially like the jalapeño!

Holly says:

Olive Cheese Balls – recipe found in my favorite cookbook, Favorite Recipes of the Lower Cape Fear, from the Ministering Circle, Substitute Kraft Old English Sharp Cheese in the jar for grated cheddar. Very easy – just put them in your freezer and heat them up for 10 minutes for the perfect porch appetizer.

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