February 2021 Tidbit

This arctic winter has got us all a little blue. Here in Wilmington, we are enjoying a cold, wet swamp this February. We are not very original in our tidbit ideas right now. Here are some things Helen and Holly are really digging to get us through the slump.

Helen says:

I just ordered Tieghan Gerard’s cookbooks entitled Half Baked Harvest Cookbook: Recipes from my Barn in the Mountains and Half Baked Harvest: Super Simple. Both are great! Check out her blog http://www.halfbakedharvest.com and follow her on instagram if you want to drool over some delicious recipes.

33571767. sx318

Click here to purchase cookbook 1.

43888840. sx318

Click here to purchase cookbook 2.

Holly says:

For the February doldrums, The Wire, The Wire, The Wire…I am OBSESSED with this crime/detective series, set mainly in Baltimore, which originally aired on HBO in 2002. It is seedy, violent, moving, mesmerizing, traumatizing, hysterically funny, terribly sad, so smart, not to mention incredibly well-acted – and you will forget it is acting. I feel as though I am late to the party on this one as many of you have probably seen it. If you have not, you do need to invest- pay attention and listen closely – it will be well worth it. We are making our way through these fabulous 5 seasons – and I will be truly sad when the journey comes to an end. Can’t believe I have not watched sooner!

HBO’s The Wire Season 1 Cover Art

HBO’s The Wire

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