September Vol. I Tidbit

In light of the pandemic and our attraction to the square box for entertainment, we thought we would share our favorite (limited to the top 3) viewings of the COVID season. We prefer books, but TV shows will do in a pinch when our eyes need a rest.

Helen’s Top 3 Picks:

Although I have a sunny disposition, I am attracted to the dark and somewhat macabre with a slow burn.

  • Number 1: Ozark on Netflix
  • Number 2: Perry Mason reboot on HBO
  • Number 3: Stephen King’s The Outsider on HBO

Holly’s Top 3 Picks:

  • Number 1: Homeland – we had watched seasons 1-6 earlier, but finished with a bang on seasons 7-8. Loved it, and I am having emotional withdrawals from Carrie and Saul.
  • Number 2: Last Dance – best series I have seen on TV in quite a while. Even though I knew the outcome, I was tense and nervous all over again. Love some Michael Jordan, my fellow Wilmingtonian and Tar Heel.
  • Number 3: Tiger King – just a train wreck for your viewing pleasure.

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