I Have Some Questions for You

By: Rebecca Makkai

Goodreads description:

A successful film professor and podcaster, Bodie Kane is content to forget her past—the family tragedy that marred her adolescence, her four largely miserable years at a New Hampshire boarding school, and the murder of her former roommate, Thalia Keith, in the spring of their senior year. Though the circumstances surrounding Thalia’s death and the conviction of the school’s athletic trainer, Omar Evans, are hotly debated online, Bodie prefers—needs—to let sleeping dogs lie.

But when the Granby School invites her back to teach a course, Bodie is inexorably drawn to the case and its increasingly apparent flaws. In their rush to convict Omar, did the school and the police overlook other suspects? Is the real killer still out there? As she falls down the very rabbit hole she was so determined to avoid, Bodie begins to wonder if she wasn’t as much of an outsider at Granby as she’d thought—if, perhaps, back in 1995, she knew something that might have held the key to solving the case.

Helen says: 🤓🤓🤓 3/4

I so wanted to LOVE this book. I have a vested interest in novels that take place at boarding schools. This was about an on campus murder in 1995- my graduation year! To say that I identified with the story would be an understatement. As I kept reading though, I slowly realized that Bodie and Thalia (main characters) would not have been my friends in high school- theater nerds! Everyone was so serious in this book….no room for lighthearted tomfoolery in this story. I liked it, but I didn’t just go crazy over it the way I wanted to…It was a little too preachy and idealistic for me.

Holly says: 🤓🤓🤓3/4

Another novel set at a boarding school in the north where a tragedy has taken place and someone has been convicted and sent to prison – is it the true perpetrator? Cue: Now let’s figure out what really happened. I enjoyed the perspective(s) from which the story was told. Rebecca Makkai has a lot to say in this one, and it is a good read, bringing lots of recent events and topics into the mix (“me too”, pandemic, podcasts, and more). Things get a little disjointed in some places, but maybe that’s just me. Read it!

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