A Likely Story

By: Leigh McMullan Abramson

Goodreads description:

Growing up in the nineties in New York City as the only child of famous parents was both a blessing and a curse for Isabelle Manning. Her beautiful society hostess mother, Claire, and New York Timesbestselling author father, Ward, were the city’s intellectual It couple. Ward’s glamorous obligations often took him away from Isabelle, but Claire made sure her childhood was always filled with magic and love.

Now an adult, all Isabelle wants is to be a successful writer like her father but after many false starts and the unexpected death of her mother, she faces her upcoming thirty-fifth birthday alone and on the verge of a breakdown. Her anxiety only skyrockets when she uncovers some shocking truths about her parents and begins wondering if everything she knew about her family was all based on an elaborate lie.

Wry, wise, and propulsive, A Likely Story is punctuated with fragments of a compulsively readable book-within-a-book about a woman determined to steal back the spotlight from a man who has cheated his way to the top. The characters seem eerily familiar but is the plot based on fact? And more importantly, who is the author?

Helen says: 🤓🤓🤓 1/2

Egomania should have been the title of this novel! This story was a little affected with snobby, arrogant main characters. I liked it though. Over the years, we have read a lot of similar books about plagiarism…The Plot, Who is Maud Dixon?…This one kind of fell in the middle…I don’t really have anything remarkable to say about this one, but it kept my attention and was an enjoyable read.

Holly says: 🤓🤓🤓1/2

Pretty likely, and I did like it, but nothing too original or memorable. Spoiler alert: not that you won’t figure it out fairly early in the novel, but Ward (Dad of Isabelle, husband of Claire) is a Class A d… (I was going to use a very derogatory 4-letter word, but keeping it clean – you get my drift). It’s a quick read and pretty entertaining. Give it a go!

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