The Golden Couple

by: Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

The Golden Couple: A Novel by [Greer Hendricks, Sarah Pekkanen]

Goodreads description:

Wealthy Washington suburbanites Marissa and Matthew Bishop seem to have it all—until Marissa is unfaithful. Beneath their veneer of perfection is a relationship riven by work and a lack of intimacy. She wants to repair things for the sake of their eight-year-old son and because she loves her husband. Enter Avery Chambers.

Avery is a therapist who lost her professional license. Still, it doesn’t stop her from counseling those in crisis, though they have to adhere to her unorthodox methods. And the Bishops are desperate.

When they glide through Avery’s door and Marissa reveals her infidelity, all three are set on a collision course. Because the biggest secrets in the room are still hidden, and it’s no longer simply a marriage that’s in danger.

Helen says: 🤓🤓🤓1/4

I am a sucker for books about therapy and unconventional therapists. I love to know the crazy inner-workings of other people’s minds. The Golden Couple was a fun read about the glamorous life of a D.C. couple and their marriage counseling. I thought I had the “mystery” figured out about 60% through, but nope…The ending was kind of like an episode of Scooby Doo (Who was that masked man??), but it was an enjoyable light read.

Holly says: 🤓🤓🤓1/2

I would call this one a guilty pleasure – fun to read, and you will keep guessing until the very end. You are never quite sure who to trust and to believe. This one would make a thriller of a movie!

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